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Milwaukee Irish Dance Studio

Studio Rentals

We are here to support the local dance community in MKE! We know how hard it is to find rental space. It was important for us to provide space that was not only affordable for dancers but easy to book online. 



Here's how it works:

1. Select the time you are looking to rent below. This is a request! 

2. Once your time is approved, you'll get an email to complete your request. This is where you will put in your card information. If you do not complete your request within 6 hours, we will release your time slot.


3. Following your request, you'll get an email with a code - this code is for a lockbox that is located next to the second door in the studio. This is a lockbox that holds the key that you will use to open the door, it is not a code to open the door.


4. Please unlock the door and put the key back in the lockbox while you use the space.


5. Feel free to connect to our Wifi and Bluetooth speaker. Do not touch our Chromebook or use our Spotify.


6. Finally, turn off all lights, power down the speaker, close the windows and  lock up the studio before you leave. Failure to lock the studio will result in a $75 fine.