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2023-24 Competition and Performance Appearance Guide

We strive to create a positive, growth-focused environment for all students by promoting individuality and confidence.

While lots of people have a “wigs and jigs” impression of competitive Irish dance, at Milwaukee Irish Dance we promote the choice of natural hair as well as curly wigs. We strive to ensure our school image is in keeping with tradition, and we want to make sure that families feel not overwhelmed by expensive costume elements.

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Please utilize this guide as a resource of approved looks and

“pro tips”. It’s important to maintain consistent appearances especially for performances and dancers who compete in teams.

Irish Dance Shoes

Dancers start in soft shoes - they can also commonly be called ghillies, light shoes, or pumps. These are similar to ballet slippers. After a year or so of dancing, they will add on hard shoes which resemble tap shoes.


Irish shoe sizes are typically 2 sizes down from American shoe sizes and dance shoes should fit tightly so we recommend going another size or half size down. Each brand will fit each foot slightly differently which is why we recommend going to a local feis to purchase shoes or buying from a store that specializes in Irish dance shoes. We like to work with a local shop called Gibson Irish Dance Imports

We also sell used shoes at the studio ($20 for soft shoes / $50 for hard shoes). We do not adjust the price based on the condition of the shoes - they are donations to the studio and therefore offered at a very steep discount. 

How To Tie Soft Shoes
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Feis Costumes

First Feis + Grade Dancers



Girls ages 2-5: blue twinkle dress, poodle socks, white hair bow


Girls ages 6-11: short sleeve school dress, poodle socks, white hair bow


Girls ages 12+: long sleeve leo + skirt, poodle socks, white headband


Boys (all ages) - black pants, white button up shirt. Black socks!


Shoes should be neatly tied (double knotted!) and dancers should have clean socks. Please ask if your sparkly poodle socks/shoe buckles are appropriate for your dancers level.

Preliminary + Champion Dancers

Costume options: Solo or “Blackout” costumes.

Adult Dancers

Costume options: School, Solo or “Blackout” costumes. Blackout costumes include black tights and black shoelaces/no white tape.