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Milwaukee Irish Dance Company adult Irish dancers at the Milwaukee Night Market downtown.

Milwaukee Irish
Dance Company

Milwaukee Irish Dance company adult Irish dancers doing an Irish Dance / hip hop fusion number with light up tennis shoes at the Milwaukee Art Museum's MAM after Dark.


The Milwaukee Irish Dance Company (MIDC) was founded in 2014 as a way to bring more performance opportunities to adult Irish dancers in the Milwaukee area. We believe once a dancer, always a dancer.

MIDC offers weekly performance based choreography classes and performance opportunities for dancers 18+. 

Milwaukee Irish Dance Company adult Irish dancers in front of a mural in Milwaukee.

Our Story

Elyse Transon grew up Irish dancing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before starting her career as a professional Irish dancer.

"When I was at home in Wisconsin in between tours, I missed dancing - a lot. I missed having an Irish dance community.


Sure, I could go to Danceworks and take a hip hop class or a ballet class but that didn't exist for Irish dance. I missed Irish dancing. I wanted to Irish dance but my options were to either join a class of beginner adults or a class of teenagers training for their next competition. I didn't fit into either of those classes. I felt like there wasn't a place for me.

Irish dance was such a big part of my life growing up and it made me sad to think that if I stopped touring there wouldn't be opportunities to continue dancing, training and performing. I wanted to create a space for people like me."

And with that, Elyse formed the Milwaukee Irish Dance Company (MIDC), an inclusive adult performance company that welcomes anyone with an Irish dance background and provides opportunities for adults to continue Irish dancing and performing well into their adult lives.

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Milwaukee Irish Dance Company adult Irish dancers performing at a wedding.

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