Hire Dancers

Since 2014 the The Milwaukee Irish Dance Company (MIDC) has been performing all Milwaukee and beyond. We have done everything from birthday parties to weddings to fashion shows, corporate events and more! Here is a guideline for the type of shows we offer.  Don't see what you are looking for? Reach out! 


Standard Performance

​​Perfect for weddings, family get-togethers, corporate conferences, etc.​

10 mins          Starting at $400  

Service Description

We have a 10 minute traditional show piece that involves hard-shoe, soft shoe and the ever-fun brush dance! This package will feature 4-6 dancers.


Short Performances

Ideal for a bar, restaurant or cocktail hour at a wedding.

2 hours          Starting at $350  

Service Description

Do you have a longer event? We will send two dancers out to do a 3-5 minute performance every 20 minutes for two hours.


Wedding Ribbon Ceremony

Incorporate this beautiful tradition in your wedding!

5 mins          Starting at $250  

Service Description

There is a beautiful Irish tradition where ribbons are tied around newlyweds wrists to bind their love. We will send one dancer out to perform a dance and ribbon ceremony with your wedding colors!


Ideal for longer performances.

2 hrs             Price Varies

Service Description

For longer gigs we often collaborate with Derek Byrne & Paddygrass. Please visit their website www.derekbyrnemusic.com to inquire about booking them for a performance with us.


Perfect for a unique or personalized event.

30 mins           Starts at $500

Service Description

MIDC loves doing custom choreography! In the past we've performed at fashion shows and done fusion choreography for the Milwaukee Art Museum After Dark series.


We offer a select amount of shows for the community & non-profits.

10 mins           Starts at $150

Service Description

We love performing in our city! We do a select amount of community shows throughout the year. Not sure if your event would qualify? Ask us!


Great for birthday parties, corporate events, etc!

1 hour           Starts at $175

Service Description

Learn how to dance the Irish jig (or whatever you want!). We offer one-hour long teaching workshops. These can be customized and tailored to any skill level, for any number of people.


We will bring J+S™ to you!

1 Hour           Starts at $150

Service Description

Want to get moving with us?! Jigs & Swigs is an Irish dance-inspired cardio fitness workout. No dance experience required! These classes are super fun and we will bring them to you!


Great for retirement homes, and school shows.

15 mins           Starts at $150

Service Description

Do you prefer kids? We have a 15-minute show with our dance school. This show depends on the availability of families and the type of event you are hosting!



Are you interested in becoming a part of MIDC?! We welcome anyone over the age of 18 with an Irish Dance background.