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September 2022-June 2023 
Dancer Registration

Class Information

Enrolled classes are considered 'Core Classes' for Milwaukee Irish Dance. In addition to these classes, throughout the year we will have specialty workshops and pop up classes. All of our Adult Classes (apart from Competitive + Recreational Ceili Class) will be formatted as Drop In Classes or 6 Week Class Courses. If you are unsure what to register for please contact us.

Even though our new term starts in September, students are able to join at any time if there is space in the class. Unless otherwise directed, new students must set up an introductory private lesson to get caught up on class material before joining a class that is already in session! 

For class, students will need:

▪️Black shorts

▪️Black top -or- Milwaukee Irish Dance apparel

▪️Poodle socks -or- plain white socks

▪️Irish dance shoes

▪️Water bottle

Please select the courses you would like to register for the the upcoming year:

As a general rule, monthly tuition is $50 for one weekly 55-minute class.


Family max is $400 per month.

There is a 10% discount for families who choose to pay a full year tuition.

Students enrolled in 4 or more hours of 'Core Classes' will receive 15% off of tuition.


Please note, monthly payment does not reflect the amount of classes per month, but rather is based on an average of 34 weeks of classes per year (September - June). Students are expected to remain in class from September - June. This factors in time off for holidays and cancellations due to inclement weather or scheduling conflicts. In the event that class is cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, closings will be updated on social media and through the Milwaukee Irish Dance App.

Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. If a student chooses to pause classes, the studio must be provided with 60 day notice via email at

Tuition that is 5 days past due will be subject to a $10 late fee.


We do not offer makeup classes. Our studio is available for personal use during open studio time. If you miss class, please take advantage of the open practice time we offer.


Please pick your student up on time. After a 10-minute grace period, a $15 late pickup fee will be charged to your account.


Dancers with injuries are still expected to attend class to learn material. In the event that a dancer has a more severe injury that will keep them out of classes for more than 30 days with a doctor’s note, students may withdraw from the class and re-enroll later in the year.

To secure your spot in class there is a registration fee of $45. This yearly registration fee will hold your spot in class. 


Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month via Square Invoices. Please pay this promptly to confirm your place in class.  Students joining mid-year will need to wait until the first week of each new month to start classes unless otherwise directed.

SPECIAL DEAL! Students moving from the 6-Week Intro to Irish Dance class to the Advanced Beginner / Novice Soft Shoe Class will have their registration fee applied to the next month's tuition (a savings of $45). This savings is only applied if the student enrolls in class immediately after the 6-Week Intro to Irish Dance Session has concluded and there is no lapse in classes.  


For your convenience and to avoid late fees, opt to save your card on file!

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